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Thread: New DART 8100 Model

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    I have neglected this thread for a while, here are some photos I took at the end of 2016 of the current build....

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    Above is the loom for a CIE/90's Dart with DCC chip, electric coupler, and directional lights.

    I will post more when I get it out of the boxes and take the photos

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    That all looks very nice and neat.
    I like the drivers, it is hard to get good modern ones.

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    Looking forward to seeing these at the Wexford Show at Easter!

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    Very impressive setup Eoin.

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    Have you ever wondered what 6 sets of two car DART bogies looks like;-

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    7 no. Modified motors and wired for DCC. (there is two motors in one of the sets)

    7 no. Motor outriggers made up in brass and blackened.

    18 no. Brass bogie frame etchings, folded and soldered and blackened.

    72 no. Wheel bearings soldered in.

    18 no. Press buttons soldered on.

    48 no. Plastic bogie sides cast, processed and glued on.

    36 no. Wheel sets installed.

    18 no. Brass chassis connections, etched, folded and soldered to the chassis

    I have posted this list so that some may be able to grasp what is going on here! this is the final batch of three batches of 6 sets of running gear, so multiply that list by 3 and that's for a total of 18 sets. The processing time for this batch only was in the region of 8 weeks, while at the same time other processes on the DARTs was taking place- body assembly, chassis components fixed on, body interiors made, wiring loom, directional lights, cast pantograph, and final assembly of complete sets. 4 sets have gone out to customers and two more are just about to.

    Some see this in isolation- their order only! they think its liner- start at the beginning work straight through to the end and give me my DART! Well its not, the nature of batch building is you make all the same parts at one time and then move on to the next, not necessarily in an order that DARTs can be part assembled as you go. Some processes go on for months and are similar to process that might be only needed at the end but everything is set up so that end item is made first. This is where storage boxes come in....

    Bottom line is, I'm working along 3 to 4 days a week on it, all major components are made and most of the time from here on in is assembling the remaining 12 sets....

    I appreciate the majority of the order's patiences and for the others 'Damn them for they know not what I do'

    I will never build a batch of DARTs again, and there will be a cost adjustment for future orders on these models. I'm looking at a conversion DART from a ?? (like the N DART Conversion I posted in the other thread) as this seems to be more what people want to pay for and wait for!

    Eoin - Manufacturing the Model Dart

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    Holy Moly, that is an awesome production setup Eoin. Keep the faith, you can't rush a true genius and pure craftsmanship.

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    Class work Eoin, and I can only imagine the hours and hours required. Mad stuff.

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    Hello Eoin , that looks amazing . have you ever thought of supplying just a kit of parts ?

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    Excellent insight, Eoin! It's hard to believe the amount of time and effort that needs to go into these projects. The same with our own. There is so much that goes on behind the scenes that when you're on the outside you simply wouldn't think about. The end result is always well worth the wait though as you have demonstrated over the years.
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    The photos explain how complex these hand-made models are. They are far from standard type, run-of-the-mill models and have me in awe of Eoin's skills, which far exceed my capacities.
    Now if he'd only hurry up and finish my €10 china, plastic-molded,Jinty.
    Oops, do I mean J10?
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