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Thread: Foolish drivers

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    This business of resurfacing roads has its railway equivalent.

    Network Rail (and probably good old IE and NIR) "improve" the ballasting on lines, effectively raising the trackbed. No problem for the usual boxes going under bridges, but steam locos with higher chimneys? I remember one of the preserved King Class locos arriving in Paddington without either its chimney top, or was it the safety valve?

    Progress, don't you love it?

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    Kilcroney bridge should be renamed 'Strawfall Bridge' because thats exactly what happens- heading north after the bridge the road side shrubbery is regularly covered with straw!!

    Eoin - Manufacturing the Model Dart

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    My best work has been spread over many fields..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Broithe View Post
    Just build a bridge, its bonkers with the traffic volume using that road to have a level crossing from a traffic management point of view. Its not rocket science to design a bridge that will fit in the available space.

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    And a rather more dramatic one on the big island.

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    My best work has been spread over many fields..

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    Barberstown level crossing "destroyed" by a tractor today - much disruption as a result.
    My best work has been spread over many fields..


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