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Thread: ALERT - Photo hosting web sites - disabling links

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    Oh no, not the incredible "LIMA Murphy Models" thread?

    One solution I can think of to save that incredible resource is a clever IT bod writing a script to bulk transfer all your PB images to another host (download + upload each jpg), and then text substitute your PB URLs here in the Lima thread with the basename URL of the new image host! Alternatively a script to bulk convert them to attachments stored here. Dave if you still have all the original images on your PC with their original names all is not lost.
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    Quote Originally Posted by WRENNEIRE View Post
    Think I am in trouble troops

    Yours was the first thread that came to mind when Noel started this thread as I know you use PukeBucket to host your images
    "Where Seventeen Railroads Meet the Sea"

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    Yep, I just got the email warning me that third party hosting would be disabled soon, so all future pics will be local copies.
    But I'm afraid I'm in no rush to update any of the other links....
    Oh and Photobucket can kiss my **s!

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    Another forum - Marklin.users forum members is unhappy about Photobucket.

    Can you pay $400 per year? just said no, I hope Photobucket go out of business with this strategy!

    Photobucket a.k.a. Sh**bucket

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    Yes Stephen
    I said to myself I would check out the cost and maybe suck it up so the pics on my thread would be displayed but when I saw the $399 bill.......
    Sorry girls, not going to happen
    Maybe do a crowdfund?


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