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Thread: Class 201 on Donedeal

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    Class 201 on Donedeal

    A friend of mine found a 201 on DoneDeal, what do ye think?

    Here's the link:

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    Well that is a strange one.

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    It is a strange one indeed Tony!

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    I saw that. I was considering it but difficult to get the cars by when its in the driveway. No matter Wrenn will be by shortly
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    Good job this is not on Facebook otherwise you would have some one in the UK setting up a preservation society for it

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    We could crowd fund its purchase.
    Surely someone has space for It?

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    Quote Originally Posted by enniscorthyman View Post
    We could crowd fund its purchase.
    Surely someone has space for It?
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    Re-gauge it.
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    Besides a clapped out engine and bogies with hairline cracks, what else could possibly be wrong with it? Besides if this is genuine, anyone contacted either Downpatrick or the Irish Diesel loco group as it is more in their league?


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