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Thread: New kits from Worsleyworks

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    New kits from Worsleyworks

    Hi guys

    I am sure some of you know this already, but I have not visited this site for a while and low and behold some new carriage kits have appeared.

    While I am still waiting that a WT might appear its good to know that if we have the drawings Allen had said he can make a kit from them.

    I saw some NCC wagon drawings on the web the other day, cant for the life of me recall who put them there, I was just wondering if it would be worth me asking him to do a couple of them?


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    Hi Colin,

    What new kits, specifically?


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    The term 'kits' is being very kind to these, a lot of work needed
    "Cool Hand Blaine"

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    Hi Blaine I do take your point about them not being kits per sa but, until someone comes up with all the bits in a kit then I think for now this is as close as we shall get.

    I will say one thing about them and that is it takes the hard work out of getting the body looking right

    Hi D I was not aware that he was doing so many GS&WR 6 wheel coaches, without having photos of them in front of me, I am not sure if they are the same type of coaches you produce. Plus he has done an NIR Parcel van sides for someone now so that is new.

    Talking of new kits D have you got anything new planned for the coming months?


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    I think the clue is in the title "Scratch aids",and very us-full they are too Andy.

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    Oh loads of stuff in the pipeline, just to get it finished. 47' bogie flat and fertiliser 42' bogie are a priority.

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    Great stuff, I look forward to seeing some of it, I do know the feeling of taking on to much, I am looking for any drawings for the BNCR 6 wheel tender that went with the NCC U2 locos, I might have a need to build a couple of them if things go to plan as I am not sure if there is anything out there in 4mm scale which I could use.

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    Would the tender off an LMS 4.4.0 be any use? If so, there are bound to be ones in somebody's scrap box!
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    Hi Jhb, what I was looking for was the tender with the springs on the outside, I am not sure why some of the U2's where given the older style of tender, but it makes for an interesting model.

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    There were two Colin, one standard one and a high sided one often known as a bread carts for some reason. You can get the smaller one as a resin kit from golden arrow models and it is suitable for use behind V1's etc however for the U2's you need to scratchbuild it. The reason why some U2's had the old tender was because they were from the U, and U1's when being converted.

    On another note, if you want to model a U2 (or mogul) with a Stanier tender, you cannot use any that are RTR this is because the length is longer than it should be, to fix this you can either cut down the length of the tender or by a brass kit from brass masters.
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