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Thread: Model Railway Magazines with Irish Railway articles

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    Model Railway Magazines with Irish Railway articles

    Hi all

    Before this list takes off may be Mr Moderator would like to advise us where this list should go on the Forum.

    Probably like a lot of you over the years you have either collected or seen an article about Irish railways and you think if only I had a copy of that to read now.

    Obviously due to copyright etc I can't put that article on line here, but I can list all the articles I have and at some point I hope to transfer them into an electronic form for personal use.

    I won't put them in any order just yet that can be done later, but the whole point of the exercise is to make sure we all know what has been published in the model railway press over the years.

    1) Model Railways July 1979 a 7mm Peckett by Tim Cramer A 3 Page article about building a loco from plasticard.

    2) Model Railways February 1972 West Clair Section Horse Box 28c by John Gardner 7mm scale drawing.

    3) Model Railways December 1974 West Clair Railway 3ft Gauge Diesel Drawing in 7mm by Russell S Carter.

    4) Model Railway News December 1959 4mm scale drawing of Dundalk, Newry and Greennore Railway 6 wheeled Van drawing prepared by J N Maskelyne from notes supplied by Mr C L Fry.

    5) Model Railway News August 1965 7mm scale drawing of S class compound for the Belfast and Northern Counties Railway 3ft gauge drawing by T A Lindsay.

    6) Model Railways May 1973 County Donegal Railway Wagons 2 x 4mm drawings one van, one open both by J.A. Gardner

    7) British Railway Modelling August 2006 two part article about the 21mm gauge layout Adavoyle by Tony Miles.

    I have a few more but I need to find them first.

    Please feel free to add any article anyone else has, I am sure there will be articles that some of us have never seen before.


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    A couple more

    Model Railways August 1978 CIE (ex MGWR) 6 wheel Third by Tim Cramer 4mm Scale drawing.

    Model Railways August 1978 two pictures of Castle Rackrent by Richard Chown.

    Model Railways January 1978 CIE (ex Midland Railway) 6 wheel Luggage Brake by Tim Cramer 4.4mm Scale drawing.

    Locomotives illustrated No 168 locomotives of the LMS Northern Counties Committee a whole magazine just on NCC locos load of photos no scale drawings but a few details to help make a better looking models.

    I am interested to find out if I have missed any of Tim Cramer's drawings in Model Railways.

    Somewhere I have / or had a drawing of the Queens or 800 CIE locos but I have a feeling it may have gone out, since it is not with all my other Irish based books and Magazines.


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