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    loco direction

    I have a Lenz Digital Plus decoder fitted in a lima loco. I wired it all up and all is working well, lights, motor etc. One problem is, I would like to change the direction of the motor, as the white lights are to the rear and red front. I want to change the direction via the Gaugemaster Prodigy Advance, rather than opening the loco again . Can anyone tell me how to go about this.



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    Hi , go to CV 29 .

    Change 6 to 5 .

    That should do it .

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    Hi Joe, I am a little unsure how to change CVs. I went into Prog Track, went to CV#,entered 29,6 and then 5. Loco is struggling to run. I know I have done something wrong. Step by step advice would be grateful. Thanks.


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    Changing CV 29 will not sort the problem with the lights. It will change the direction of travel right enough, but it will also change the lights over. The simplest way to sort the lights problem is to change over the wires to the motor, which will reverse the direction of travel, but leave the lights as they were.

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    I think that may be the quickest way to sort the problem, if I have not mess up the motor with CV29.


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    Quote Originally Posted by controller View Post
    went to CV#,entered 29,6 and then 5.
    Did you enter 65? Change the cv29 back to 6 if she's not running after the wire change. You could also factory reset the chip if you've not changed anything else other than the loco address
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    I took the loco apart and reversed the wires on the motor,reset the decoder to the factory default, and all is working as it should. Thanks for all your advice.


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