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Thread: electra graphics arrived for n gauge

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    Hi Peter

    I tried Brasso but it did nothing for taking off the paint. I used Nail Varnish Remover Pads made by Pretty and sold by Home Bargains. There were 30 pads in each container I cut each pad into four. I used about 40 full pads on each coach. It was slow about an hour for one side of a coach and very little happened for the first half hour. There was some residue. I used some turps to clean that and then washed the whole side with warm soapy water which was not a great success. I then used more clean pads and got a clean enough side that I could live with. Still a little cloudiness in parts and some paint just would not come off. On mine the cloudiness seemed to be paint stains but if it was the plastic melting it was very slight. It gives the effect of windows not being cleaned.


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    Thanks for the replies lads. I have attached a picture below of my attempt. I started off by using acetone free polish remover on pads. That got most of the paint off, but spread the rest into the plastic. Further scrubbing with the nail polish remover didn't do anything else. Isopropyl alcohol didn't really do anything either. I tried acetone based polish remover then, which did nothing.

    I'll give the mister muscle oven a go.

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    The coaches were virgin rail, so black and red. Could be the darkest colours to remove as well I guess.

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    Hmm. I tried the mister muscle oven cleaner to no avail. The paint must be melted into the plastic. Maybe the next step is a mild abrasive like Brasso, as Adam from Electra graphics recommends.

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    Hi Peter

    Sorry to hear that did not work out, it removes paint very well for me! Things which may be different- my can of MMO is about 20 years old! I've not stripped a GF coach yet I've only done Hornby n Triang n Bachmann OO stuff!

    Did you try it on a 'fresh' coach and not your test one?

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    I believe that the Brasso works on the older pre-Chinese made coaches. As mine were newer coaches the nail varnish remover pads worked I got about 99.9% of the paint off. What little remained did not affect the adhesion of the vynl sides. If you have the newer coaches I would persevere the nail varnish remover.


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    My coaches are UK built. Hopefully the Brasso gives a decent finish.

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    Brasso worked a treat. It got rid of the remaining paint on the coach. Now to give it another go with Brasso and clean it with warm, soapy water.


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