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Thread: Kingsbridge - paint shop

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    Kingsbridge - paint shop

    Training experiments continue for newbie to airbrush. Three more wagons with light weathering. Nothing like this BR brake van ran on CIE network, but I just like the look of it.

    These were done last week - 6xLima vans, beat wagon, mineral wagon, 2xBachmann vans

    Not too happy with 3D printing results on the two new beat wagons by the platform. They just about survive the 'duck test' but I won't be assembling anymore.

    First time I sprayed railmatch primer which is a sort of yellow tint cream colour. Didn't like using it, prefer Halfords primer from can. The texture of the 3D surface didn't help. Mind you using Halfords is almost like setting off a fire extinguisher its so powerful. Need plenty of distance and rapid steady movement of can. These 3D prints were disappointing, especially the doors. Weathering pending on these. Ughhh!

    So far I have found three sources for corrugated open beat wagons, Leslie's Provincial Wagons kit, IFM's RTR, and these Valve Design 3D bodies which fit on Dapol 10ft chassis. I hope to complete Leslie's kit in the next week or so.

    Anyway have had loads of fun experimenting with airbrush, made tons of major boo-boos, and clogged it up a few times. But finally figuring out how to keep it flowing smoothly and hopefully finding different methods of applying the paint, learning about times between coats, how long to leave the brush before the nozzle starts to dry, tricks for clearing the brush without dismantling it completely, etc. There is so much to learn, but just doing it again and again making mistakes and retrying has been almost addictive.

    First time I used the airbrush it took me nearly 25mins to clean it when finished, now down to a 3-5 mins. Discovered the hard way different acrylic paint manufacturers seem to need quite different levels of acrylic thinners, and work best with their own thinners. Tamiya acrylics seem to need very little thinners for airbrush, or it goes on too thin like water.

    Next will be an attempt to respray some coaching stock in early CIE B&T livery. Masking!!!
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    Air brushes need patience and practice - I still have to psyche myself up to get my one out and most of the time stick to automotive rattle spray cans. Seems to me that preparation and cleaning up time for an airbrush far exceed the actual time spent painting! However, there are things [like weathering] where nothing else works as well. I have an old loco body that I use for practising before I do any proper work.
    A couple of good books on the subject are the definitive 'Art of Weathering' by Martin Welch and the more recent 'Handbook of Painting & Lining' by Ian Rathbone - both Wild Swann.
    Just keep at it Noel - you already show a good sense of subtlety and that is half the battle.
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    Hornby Bredin!!! Ok first coach respray attempt into Black'n'Tan livery. Last time I did this it was 1972 but used a paint brush! Decided to use some old Hornby Stanier coaches as training guinea pigs and if it went ok they might pass off as Bredin look-a-likes for hauling behind my B&T 141s. Lots of experimenting with test sheets of plastic, different thinner ratios, trail mixes for a passable tan colour, and a whole load of mistakes, and paint all over the place, but you can't make an omelet without breaking a few eggs first! I don't know why but I was rather nervous beforehand about wreaking the coaches and/or the airbrush. Anyway its a first step . . .

    Dismantle old Hornby ex-LMS Stanier coach

    A doze of Halfords plastic grey primer

    Airbrush area behind where white strip will be then reverse mask

    Mask ready to airbrush black on window level and roof

    Black airbrushed on

    Remove masking to reveal white stripe - "Brandenburg Division" livery - ready for tan/orange band

    Masked up for airbrushing tan/orange band below windows - Tamiya orange + brown mix

    Masking removed with a degree of trepidation and anxiety - wondering would it have worked?

    Ready for light weathering, then re-install glazing, under frames and bogies (already painted and weathered), some numbers, and then seal with a matt varnish spray can.

    Loads of stuff went wrong along the way, and made some big boo-boos, but really loving the early learning process.

    Next - attempt weather a B&T 141

    PS: Used Tamiya acrylic paints and Tamiya acrylic thinners
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    I inhabit the parallel world, wherein lie gryphons, dwarves, changelings and railway enthusiasts.
    With such a hotch potch of carriages in a typical CIE train in the 60s and 70s, a carriage like this will look very well sandwiched in among laminates, Cravens, Park Royals and Bredins - and the odd wooden coach.
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    Well Noel, hats off to you lad, you seem to have made a dam good job of that, of course there'll be mistakes, but practice makes perfect, well done, btw maybe show some items / pics of mistakes, for future aficionados !!! Nobody's perfect.

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    Excellent looking spray job!

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    Looks very neat, well done.
    When i use masking tape there is always some paint gets under the tape.

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    Lovely paint job Noel,very crisp.

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    Thanks guys. Here's a better pic in daylight. It was a relief when I pulled the masking off. Wasn't sure what to expect, but was anticipating the need for some touching up, but alas model masking tape seems to have good sealing properties. Used 2mm tape for the white strip as its closest to 6" scale height. Was careful to try and keep the airbrush perpendicular to the masking tape edges so as not to blow paint up and under. On 3rd and 4th coats I risked a little upward spray to get the underside of the window edges covered and underside of the roof drip rail, but thankfully the 1st and 2nd coats seemed to have created a nice little seal with the edge of the masking tape preventing bleed upwards.

    If there is one thing I personally have had to learn more than anything else, it is 'patience'. All my life I used to run up and down stairs, across car parks and down corridores rushing to get things done. Not with model painting. I'm dying to pop this on the layout, but will have to wait for weathering and varnishing, new wheels, and passengers.
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    Indeed Noel. Forever telling myself model making is not a race. Don't always listen though!
    These days, always try to stop while things are going well. So many times, the last job needs doing again next time.
    Great work with the airbrush.
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