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Thread: CIE Diesel Era

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    CIE Diesel Era

    Apologies if this has been posted up before (thanks to I.R.R.S.), but some very interesting video clips of diesels on the Howth branch, Hunslet powered Enterprise and the clear up after the Gormanstown smash.

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    Fantastic clip, Sulzer!
    This era has such variety it's just asking for some more stock to be available for it. So many things on this video too numerous to mention, laminate composites, Parks royals, C class, leopards, ranks grain wagons, top'n'tail Hunslets, Guinness tubs and tanktainers yard cranes, brake laminates, tin vans, railcars
    Weak at the knees here, lads ...... and it's not the wine
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    There's another 22 videos from the IRRS archive on that youtube including a dedicated list featuring the vintage CIE diesel era.

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    Excellent Ciaran. Will be clicking on that as soon as I'm sober. Happy St. Patrick's Day from the US!
    "Where Seventeen Railroads Meet the Sea"


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