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Thread: BUT Railcars

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    Beautiful work.
    Can i ask what colour of blue did you use? it looks so good.

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    It was the last tin of GNRI Railcar blue from Phoenix Paint, there would need to be the demand before Chris would mix this colour again unfortunately.

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    Looks great.

    Beware copying RPSI Cravens colour, or the blue used by the UTA on 111 and 115 in the late 60s for a very short period; these are much lighter. I simply mention this because of the perception occasionally found that the RPSI livery is broadly GNR - it isn't; it's inspired by it (and very well it looks too in my opinion). Actual GNR railway blue, as applied to trams, the MAK loco and railcars and carriages, can still be seen on the Fintona tram at Cultra. What's on those excellent models above, as will be seen, is very considerably darker, which is correct. In reality, when weathered even slightly, it looked a few shades short of navy.
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    BUT Railcars 900 Series.

    End of the build at last.

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    Lovely work, i like the engine detail. The maroon & grey looks great.
    Where do you get the NR logo?

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    Probably Railtec or MIR, Portadown

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    All good stuff Kirley and your work rate never slows down, wish I had your speed! Have you got a giant stock of kits to build!

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    Superb work.Well done.

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    Really like those, Kieran. Superb job!
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    The 900 Series Railcars in action on my Layout thread.

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