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    Hello all!

    Thanks to everyone contributing to this thread, it's really rather interesting to see what's out there and there are some real nice things.

    My collection is slowly growing with the addition of these two heavy pieces, they were both found one day while I was out and about on the beach. So took them home and cleaned them up, the GNR one wasn't in too bad of a condition, it only required some wire brushing and removal of some rust. The only downside is that one corner is broken, but it doesn't bother me really. Dad did the painting on both as he likes doing this sort of salvaging.
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    This one is a complete mystery to me, it's obviously missing more than half which is a pity, and the rail company is probably on the missing half, but I cannot figure out the company or even the aproximate date, would anyone have any ideas?
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    Nice, Nelson. Not sure they've looked like that in a very long time...
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    First pics: GNR(I) chair. These were produced in this form from about 1900-1953. The letters "A F" are A^^^^^ Foundry.

    Second pics: one half of a curved-ended MR(NCC) chair, early 20th C onwards to about 1945.
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    Oh wow thanks JB, Would never have thought that it would be MR NCC.
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    Another recent addition, once again French rather than Irish:

    It's an enamel platform nameboard for a station called St Hilare sur Garonne (now known as St Hilare de Lusignan), which closed in the early 1970s.

    Here's a view of the station as it is now on Google Street View:!8i6656

    It's located roughly halfway between Bordeaux and Toulouse...

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