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Thread: Railwayana

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    I inhabit the parallel world, wherein lie gryphons, dwarves, changelings and railway enthusiasts.
    Very interesting stuff, especially the letter from Egan to Henry Casserley!
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    A few more bits

    Not Irish I know but the Ponderous Carriages always caught my fancy
    James Williams, Secretary had some dealings with the Irish Railway Commission.

    This came from Co Cork, from in front of a Station Masters house if I remember correctly, which I havent done for a while now.

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    Amongst other things, I do have various bits off a couple of Class 37s saved before scrapping - a pair of air res gauges, tappets clearance plate, max speed plate and throttle, as well as a technical manual. Must dig them out

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    I have a good few lamps. Really need to do something with them. This is the only one I properly restored.Name:  IMG_6690.jpg
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    Huge thank you to all the contributors to this thread. There are some real gems out there! I will hopefully get some more photos posted tomorrow.
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    Alas all have is an original illinois bolt and washer from a 121.. Name:  DSC_0069.jpg
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    Though I did spot this recently.. Dubious vintage apparently

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    I have some bits of the Stafford-Uttoxeter line that I dug up in my garden....
    My best work has been spread over many fields..

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    Love that shed sign Glenderg, my shed might have to get the same treatment.

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    A must for any GM Modeller

    Sorry about the reflection, sunny Saturday!

    Anyone what this is from?
    Heavy piece of kit

    Non Railway but just liked it, Road Traffic Act 1933, vehicle plate, might be from a horse drawn yoke?


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