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Thread: GNR(i) Transfers

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    GNR(i) Transfers

    Does anyone currently do GN (Irish) waterslide transfers for 00 gauge on the market?

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    Quote Originally Posted by TonyMcGartland View Post
    Does anyone currently do GN (Irish) waterslide transfers for 00 gauge on the market?
    Realtec Transfers do transfers for GNR AEC railcars including numbers and crests. The crests would suit loco hauled stock as well. They also do a sheet of goods wagon numbers and letters.
    If you need something not listed, Realtec will produce transfers for you, if you provide samples of what you want. They are very helpful in that respect.

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    Railtec are indeed very helpful in this regard.

    Many crests, logos and above all numerals are reproduced in entirely the wrong size on models, usually too big. If you're sending them something new to them, probably no bad thing to research actual diameter / size, font and colours of shading first, if you can, and advise them accordingly. It may be, of course, that they already have this info - worth checking. I can't recall whether the GNR Director's Saloon is still in GNR navy & cream at Whitehead, but if it is, the relevant details are exactly correct, as they are original transfers - or were, last time I saw it. The derelict brake 3rd, no. 114, may still carry them.
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    Studio Scale do GNRi crests in several sizes as well as numbering for T2, S, SG and V class locos, and K and L coach numbering. Drop me a line Tony.

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    Railtec also do wagon transfers and roundels for railcars. You may have to wait though, they're not always in stock.



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