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Thread: The Allegheny Midland and Virginian and Ohio railroads.

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    The Allegheny Midland and Virginian and Ohio railroads.

    These two videos were recently posted on you tube. The quality is not great, copied from VHS tape but the content is excellent. Both these modelers and layouts have been a huge influence on my layout.
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    Always looked forward to Tony Koesters Train of Thought column in the Model Railroader and took out a regular subscription when I was working in Athlone about 20 years ago. His "Coal Fork Extension" and a visit to West Virginia lead me to a brief dalliance with an Appalacian coal and logging branch around the time Bachmann brought out their HO Shay, which kind of morphed into On30 and 1:20.3 n the garden though the railroad has move West to Colorado. I am fortunate to have the space that is rare in Ireland and can run round and round or operate a way freight picking up and dropping off cars at a number of towns if the fancy takes me.

    If I was going there I would'nt be starting here.


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