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    American Railways

    Some great loco sounds and cab views.

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    Its a pity they did not film the concourse, the bars in Chicago Union Station bring back some happy memories from 2003 & 2004

    We have been through Chicago Union Station a number of times on AMTRAK and METRA services METRA platforms are a lot less claustrophobic than the AMTRAK platforms. American train crews tend to be enthusiastic about their work, we once had a METRA Conductor giving a running commentary on the towns, districts and railroads on a Saturday morning run from Harvard into Chicago, the traditional uniforms and ticket and the ritual of the Conductor placing your ticket above your seat is a real throw back to the days of traditional railroading.

    I spent several days taking pictures of trains including the California Zypher on Donner Pass in 2001 and finally got to ride the train from Denver to san Fransisco in June, getting on the train in Denver is a lot less frantic than Chicago!

    If I was going there I would'nt be starting here.


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