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Thread: A trip down memory lane

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    A trip down memory lane

    Don't know if many have of us have seen this ad vid, but thought it was an interesting look back at the hobby in the days when the Yellow Pages, dc conrollers and pancake motors reigned supreme.

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    That's a great find Sulzer201, reminded me of the night when I was about 9, I crept downstairs while the house slept just to look again at a book I had bought that day. Wouldn't mind but the book was in b & w, that was a long time ago & I still remember the moment, slept like a babe the rest of the night !! Thanks for posting

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    Thanks Sulzer. I remember them well especially the black and white ones. A bygone era where nearly every boy by the age of ten had received at least one train set for Christmas or a Birthday. Hence the age demographics of our hobby.


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