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Thread: Class A ECMCHAS for Silver Fox Model

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    Any plans for a coupler mount on the bogies?

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    Hi patrick

    I'm really only working with the coupler off the chassis, the pony truck may cause trouble for mounting a coupler! and the SF buffer beam is in the way! but could see what happens, Have you something in mind?

    Eoin - Manufacturing the Model Dart

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    My concern is about mixing body mounted couplers with bogie mounted couplers which cause problems on curves epically when pushing rolling stock through points during shunting movements. A bracket on the end of the bogie frame with provision for mounting a cupler pocket would be perfect.

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    Hi patrick

    Next time the test track is up I'll push some rolling stock through the points, I did test the chassis with a couple of Cravens forward and backwards through the points with no problems, but did not test something smaller/lighter without the close coupling unit!!

    I will report back

    Eoin - Manufacturing the Model Dart

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    Highly interesting stuff.


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