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Thread: Class A ECMCHAS for Silver Fox Model

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    brilliant will make a purchase for sure when both become available!! will you be making the chassis for the A and C with the twin motor bogies available too???? just had a look at that C class thread and it looks great

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    Hi DB Joe

    Yes both chassis will have two motors, its easier and more economical that way, and it has more power!

    Eoin - Manufacturing the Model Dart

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    HI Eoin, that's great when they become available ill put in an order

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    Test etching of the bogie frames and third axle trucks was done today;-

    Two brass .28mm sheets were prepared and artwork laser printed onto trannies, this caused a few irritations as the cheepo trannie film I have distorts with the heat of the printer, I got over this by printing each side artwork on separate sheets- seems to be less distortion in the middle of the sheet.
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    This is the brass with Puretch processed on, UV'd and developed- worked out pretty well. Puretch is a photoresist that comes in sheet form sandwiched between sheets of mylar, peel one side off and squeegee the exposed side onto the brass with distilled water- in the dark room of course. After UV exposure the second sheet is removed and then pop it in the developer solution.
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    Etching then took about 1 hour in 'Edinburgh Etch' - ferric chloride with a dash of citric acid, I found this idea online to enhance the ferric chloride action and make the ferric last longer. It cuts through fairly OK, a bit of a raggedy line but nothing a file cant clean up, the cusp has to be removed anyway.
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    All filed and cleaned up ready for soldering.
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    All soldered up and ready to pop in a pickle for the night. Some problems have come clear on assembly- might go for thicker brass sheet next time, I will add some gussets to this test to make the assembly more rigid!
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    You can sort of see the lay of the land in the second photo- the spud sits in the frame which is clamped on through the spud, the clamp will be the pivot support and fixing for the truck out front!

    Looking forward to popping the spud in and giving it a wherrr....

    Eoin - Manufacturing the Model Dart

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    Test assembly was done tonight, all went OK but those gussets mentioned earlier are required, could not face switching on the iron- been soldering DART stuff all day!

    The front truck pivots on an axle bearing with a bolt down through a brass sleeve to hold the bottom clamping plate, the bolt will be the other way around on final assembly. A NS wire spring will push down on the truck and spring it centrally.
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    This shows the bottom clamping plate which will have a joggle in it to keep it centred on the edge of the Spud.
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    And some shots with the bogie side pattern blue-tacked on
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    Cant really run it until its beefed up

    Eoin - Manufacturing the Model Dart

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    That's looking well, Eoin. Looking forward to seeing it in action over some pointwork.
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    An excellent and innovative piece of engineering Eoin.

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    Stunning detail Eoin.

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    Your arrangement with the leading axle effectively makes a Co-Co into a 1Bo-Bo1, although in reality the 1 indicated a non-powered axle.


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    That is a lovely piece of work Eoin. And home etched and everything, now THAT is impressive.


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