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Thread: Some Nice Pics

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    Excellent collection of pics,thanks for posting

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    Quote Originally Posted by Northwest141 View Post
    Well done, 141. I had been looking at these several months ago and forgot to bookmark the website. Several gennys and NIR coach etc. on here of interest to me
    "Where Seventeen Railroads Meet the Sea"

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    Waterford Signal Box
    i hope they preserve that

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    Thanks for posting that link. Superb sequence of nostalgic photos and scenes.

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    Great collection of photos. There's enough there to write a book!

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    the days of real trains!! . memeries!

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    Yes Craven
    Great Days They were
    Aboard the friday tralee train , heading for a weekend of Puck Fair
    Dinking a Harp at the Bar , and Sally o Brien in the corner , and the way she might look at ya
    ahh memories


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