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Thread: GNR(I) SG2 Locomotive.

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    looking forward to seeing the finished model and the video. Looking fab so far TDR
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    Good luck with the kit Kirley. My model of No.176 was built in Hong Kong by a guy who had never seen a seat loco (although he'd bit lots of kits!). That said, mine doesn't like 2 ft curves, so make the centre axle with lateral play if you can.

    You've reminded me to give it another go on the layout - I think it's languishing in a box!


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    Got a bit further in the build, all the fiddly bits completed.

    Now for final clean up and wash before applying the first primer coat.

    Pickups and decoder to be fitted before testing the locomotive and tender.
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    First coat of Etched Primer added.

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    Looking good!

    (The primer shows what GNR locos would have looked like if the GSR or CIE had got their paint brushes near them!)
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    Taking shape nicely Kieran,good job. Look forward to seeing it finished.

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    Brilliant work Kieran
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    A bit more progress.

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    That's very nice, love the footplate detail. Can i ask where do you get the etched primer and do you spray it on?

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    Looking better every time.


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