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Hi jhb

I mentioned light blue because of a few photos I've seen- Tom Ferris book 'Irish Railways in colour' page 92, and there is a photo on rmweb of the same one;- http://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/ind...ilway-co-cork/, and I also saw another photo which I cant locate at the moment- all looking decidedly light blue?

It could be silver and the film has gone off! Ferris does refer to film problems in the introduction to the book....

Eoin.... I had thought you just "plucked that one out of the air", so to speak.

It's silver. Old films can often get bluish tints, or (less often) reddish. Personal memories of the 10% of the population with excellent colour recall is usually better. Even in films which haven't deteriorated, different developing emulsions and fixing solutions, and different qualities of film, will render colour differently.

Also, a weathered paint finish photographed on a dull day will look different to the exact same colour when clean in bright light - even taken with the same film.

Clearly, nothing on CIE was ever light blue.

Modeller's detail: numerals and lettering and snails on silver locomotives were light green (not black, as in "preserved" G601), but on new laminate carriages were RED! I suspect some carriages had light green lettering too, but I can't find any exact confirmation.

Silver carriages and "tin vans" never carried snails of any sort, by the way; only numerals.