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Thread: 121 Class

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    Quote Originally Posted by Noel View Post
    Most of the MIR 121s I've seen in the flesh looked like they have been dipped in an orange chocolate fountain. No doubt great in their day, but not exactly fine scale.
    You will love this one then Noel, Touch it up a bit is the instruction.......Eh.....The Brass grill is caked in superglue.

    1st step oven Cleaner bath which unfortunately did not shift 1 iota of paint but a spot of Cellulose Thinners did
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    I don't beleive it's that difficult to build a good running diesel chassis. Much less difficult then some steam locos I've built in the past. Good all wheel all axle plunger pickups , a decent Mashimo centre drive on cardan shafts etc, with the appropriate gearing , way simpler then steam as I said

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    Hey George

    Is that hole in the top for the candle? and I see you baked them on a oven tray with loads of icing!

    Borithe would be proud of you....

    Eoin - Manufacturing the Model Dart

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    Epilogue note for this 2yo thread and just to complete it in case anybody is reading it in the future, posted below are links to 121 project on workbench and one of the youtube clips. MIR kits were not available, so I went with the 3D Shapeways kit, running on the newer higher spec Athearn SW1500 chassis which purrs nearly as well as an MM. In the end I didn't cut up an MM141 donor for this 121, instead I used an MM141 as a donor chassis for a C class. Murphy Models 121 class models are expected this autumn so the need for kits and donor chassis will be academic shortly. Glad to have a B&T livery version in the mean time while waiting for superior MM RTR models.

    121 Workbench:

    Video of chassis slow running:

    B121 prior to detailing - The new higher spec SW1500 chassis is a superb low speed runner with AWD and AWP.

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    B121 on cine film duty. Shapeways body + Athearn chassis (click for video)


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