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Thread: Photographic Website Updates

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    Some great shots there wanderer

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    Hi all,
    Two updates to Rail Scene Ireland from the weekend and today. First up are some shots taken on Saturday in Belfast and in the transport museum at Cultra:

    Then from today are a few shots from a very wet North Wall Yard in Dublin. These pictures include Enterprise locomotive 207 hauling Tamper 740 from Drogheda, and 085 with a wagon transfer:


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    Beautiful shots Csalem - with the traffic all over here, you probably don't need to bother posting duplicates to the old forum

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    More than a prblem for 740!!! It caught fire and blocked the running line for around 4 hours. I've posted a video of 207 hauling it through Drogheda on youtube.. Link to follow

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    Good evening all,

    Tamper 740 failed between Drogheda and Dundalk on Monday 30th April 2012. It was assisted to Drogheda DMU depot to clear the line. On Tuesday 1st May 2012, loco 207 was sent from Connolly to Drogheda to haul the disgraced Tamper to North Wall where it was recessed for several hours. Later that day, 085 hauled the Tamper to Kildare Per Way Depot where I photographed it arriving just after 2115hrs.

    The Tamper and a selection of passing 22000 Class at a very wet and dark Kildare are now online at:

    The Wanderer.

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    Hi all,
    Today the weedsprayer operated from Portlaoise to Dundalk, via North Wall in Dublin. I managed to get a shot of 073 and the set passing through Balbriggan this lunchtime:


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    Quote Originally Posted by thewanderer View Post
    Afternoon all,

    A brief update consisting of a very much and dull Heuston on Wednesday evening and two Photos from Portarlington earlier today.

    The Wanderer.
    any idea what to happen to 6111?

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    Quote Originally Posted by heirflick View Post
    any idea what to happen to 6111?
    Nothing for the foreseeable future...

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    Hi all,
    Have now uploaded some shots from a sunny Skerries today which include 081 and orange/black 084 on the Taras, as well as the usual 29000 and 22000 DMUs. Pictures here:


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    Hi all,
    Yesterday steam loco 461 was used to haul a special charter from Dublin to Donegal for the IRRS/RPSI in memory of the former Taoiseach, Dr. Garret Fitzgerald. Pictures of the special in Connolly in the morning are now online at the link below:

    (Captions to follow later)



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