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Thread: J M Design overlays for Dapol coaches

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    Mayner, if it's the same as 3223 at Downpatrick then the exhaust comes out at floor level on the side. Think it's the right hand side if you're looking towards the van half of the coach

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    I inhabit the parallel world, wherein lie gryphons, dwarves, changelings and railway enthusiasts.
    Mayner and others touched on train makeup with stock like this. One day about 1983 I observed the comings and goings all evening in Dundalk. Most trains were 5-6 bogies plus van, either one of the several variations of 3223-style brake gennies, a Dutch van or a BR van. In no train were more than two coaches the same, and in several no two were alike. Cravens, park royals and laminates of several designs were all present. A few years earlier, there would have been the odd Bredin too.

    Nowadays, if a strange vehicle was anywhere near one of today's depressingly same uniform identikit trams, there would be proving runs, Europe-wide paperwork, "certification", tests, studies and enquiries. Consultants would be engaged, at eye-watering cost to the taxpayer, while safety cases were tendered, researched, drawn up, verified, and - most bizarrely of all - "signed off on".

    Who dreams up this inane drivel? Why do we, after nine million years evolution, reduce ourselves to accepting this rubbish!

    Rant over. To modellers: mix and match pre 1990 - always. In wooden stock days, you'd struggle to get two coaches exactly the same on any rural route at all, let alone the same train; with freight stock, same.
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    Overlays for the Dapol coaches would be my preferred option

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    I may be in a minority here but I would prefer the "scale" option i.e. full length/depth sides plus ends.
    My reasoning may be of interest to you and others.
    I have spent most of my life repainting British rolling stock plus cut-and-shuts of varying degrees of complexity; some even are quite close approximations of actual Irish stock!
    However, in more recent years, I've built a number of Worsley Works coaches and I'm currently working on some Irish Freight Models Park Royal kits.
    The contrast between the "high, wide and handsome" look of Irish coaches, built to correct scale and the rather undersize British conversions is now bothering me (although, whisper it, I'm still working to 16.5mm!).
    Therefore, while the Dapol option is most certainly convenient, I would prefer to do battle with a proper sized model, a la Worsley Works.

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    I'd prefer the scale length/width option, too...

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    Scale length, width coach kit option please.

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    Quote Originally Posted by iarnrod View Post
    Scale length, width coach kit option please.
    Yeah I would like something like Worsley Works kits as in scale length and width sides with ends type kit please.

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    If scale length/width is an option then count me in.
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    John I would would prefer the scale length versions. These coaches look so unique with the extra width that it would be a shame not to have the option.


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    I would be happy with the etch sides and i will make the floor and ends myself with brass plate already bought so i can solder the sides on.


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