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Thread: Class C ECMCHAS For Silver Fox Kit.

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    Class C ECMCHAS For Silver Fox Kit.


    To follow up on the Class C chassis here, as mentioned on the 'Class A' thread;-

    I have now assembled a test set-up chassis and ran it through a bit of testing;-

    Video of the first test run of a chassis for a Silver Fox Class C loco kit. PCB board with two Tenshodo motors, 66gms steel weight and Kadee 146 couplers. Total weight at 162gms.

    A powerful little engine, works very well under this analogue test. The slow running is great, it can pull the 4 Cravens around radius 2 bends with full buffer lock! I have not tested full speed yet, but up at 3/4 throttle is scary- at scale the speed is up to ramming the driver back in the seat with his mouth starting to take on that balloon shape like a fighter pilot in full 10gs dive!

    The wheels are still 14mm, I'll change them when DCC-ing the motors and installing the bogie frames.

    Eoin - Manufacturing the Model Dart

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    Hi Eoin. Thanks for taking the time and effort to make this excellent data video. The chassis looks very promising. I presume the wheel slip can be cured by adding weight. I guess the C class rarely hauled more than 4/5 coaches in real life. As you pointed out its pretty fast as even at half throttle she looks to be doing 75mph or more scale speed. What dia wheels are you planning to change to for DCC? That may change her characteristics significantly. If re videoing under DCC I'd love to see how she runs at scale 4mph crawling over track work such as popular Peco code 100 insulfrog points and long Peco diamond crossing which are a great test of smooth power pickups. Good night. Noel

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    Hi Eoin, very well done, love the slow running, & as for that burst of speed, just mega, keep the video's coming, great stuff,

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    Very impressive running.

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    Great performance there Eoin, and nice video, straight to the point. The reeallllly slow running was cool.

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    Hi All

    Thanks for comments


    The wheels will be 12.6mm, I reckon wheel slip would have been a characteristic feature of these engines- I like it, it feels real! When DCCed there will be a bit more control over the motors. Yes more weight will be going on- Kit parts, white metal bogie sides, a lot of brass bits, wires n chip...

    Some photos of the bits;-

    Name:  C Class-00 ECM IMAG1463.jpg
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    Name:  C Class-04 ECM IMAG1482.jpg
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    Name:  C Class-01 ECM IMAG1488.jpg
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    Name:  C Class-02 ECM IMAG1486.jpg
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    Name:  C Class-03 ECM IMAG1489.jpg
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    Eoin - Manufacturing the Model Dart

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    Looks great Eoin, any idea on price yet?

    Custom made baseboards, helix, storage units and display cabinets. Complete layout service available.

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    Looks brilliant Eoin! Lovely work

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    Thanks Eoin. Looking good. The smaller dia wheels may make traction at lower speeds even better. What is she like running over points at crawl speeds?

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    That's looking very good. It seems to run very smoothly.


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