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Thread: Class C ECMCHAS For Silver Fox Kit.

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    Hi Riversuir226

    That photo just answered another question- 'Where is the cow-catcher/wheel guard mounted'

    Thanks for posting

    Eoin - Manufacturing the Model Dart

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    Here's another one for you.

    Name:  C class.JPG
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    Nice detail shot Whesty
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    Hi Westhy

    Yes, a very nice shot

    Eoin - Manufacturing the Model Dart

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    Very interesting & a rather nice model as well. Can anybody point me in the direction of a drawing, as wouldn't mind having a go at a 7mm scale version?
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    Wonderful stuff your going to need a small factory. Nice new shiny things. Brillant work.

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    Hi All

    I have now constructed a non motor bogie to run some tests- see below;-

    Name:  C Class-10 IMAG1662.jpg
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    There is some making in this and after it all I have found its cheaper to use the second motor and have that extra umph! I tested the new bogie and could only pull 5 coaches max and at this the throttle had to be full open to get moving. Pulling small wagons- it's grand, up to 10 can be run without difficulty.

    So the two motors are more economical and more powerful - decision made.

    Here are a few photos of the lighting system going in, the directionals are run by two clear LEDs with .45mm fibre optic strands doing the bulb job on the loco. The LEDs are shrouded with a brass tube, with an aluminium tube socket holding the FB strands. The strands are epoxied in and the ends polished for best pick-up.

    Name:  C Class-05 IMAG1711.jpg
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    This is the brass shrouds over the LEDs with the FB strands plugged in

    Name:  C Class-06 IMAG1713.jpg
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    Name:  C Class-07 IMAG1714.jpg
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    This is a shot of the system complete, some shrinkie was added over the LEDs as they were lighting up the inside. Also the radiator cooling fan has been installed and cab light blue tacked in to test.

    Name:  C Class-08 IMAG1718.jpg
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    Under test in forward direction with cab light on

    Name:  C Class-09 IMAG1717.jpg
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    Under test in reverse direction

    I used the Tiger lamp fibre optic strands on this build, they are ok but varies in size from strand to strand- .4mm up to5.2mm. Also there were a number of small fractures in the strands which looses some light, but the clear LEDs are quite powerful so no major loss. The red lamps are done by a touch of paint on the end.

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    Very well done Eoin, & don't forget a video of that magical fan working, looks great,


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