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Thread: Would you prepay for a model?

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    [QUOTE=dave182;59934]Hi All.

    110 votes in total, of which 81 would prepay for a model.
    If each pledged €150 towards a loco model the pool total would only be €12,150, clearly a long way off what would be required.
    Add to this the range of suggestions posted to this thread and it becomes even less of a runner.

    Sorry, Dave, I don't entirely agree with you. We had hoped to potentially pledge (or not) Eu200 (since that's more like the cost of the new models coming out after the introductory pricing) which Eu16,200, still a long way off so let's not split hairs. I do agree with Blaine that clearly not all modelers are members on this site and might not sign up just to poll if they haven't signed up already.

    The options I see with this are as follow:
    Either someone who has some knowledge of what they are doing (God, I wish I did!) with this may take it the next step to advertise it and see if there is a real market for a new high standard loco out there. While a lot of people have wish lists on here and not everyone will see the model they'd like, I think it has been instructive to see what is in people hearts, a nice piece of market research. I think there are a couple of clear forerunners so I won't bring it up again.
    Other options for a loco would be crowdfund an established supplier such as MM (if he was interested in that) with the intention to truncate the timeline to a new release.
    Moving from locos to other smaller models. Many suggestions to model something smaller and cheaper to reach the number to produce a limited run of (say) a popular wagons. There are lots of posts on the site of people buying a rake of up to a dozen popular wagons or even scratchbuilding their needs. Beets, Taras, Bubble cement have come up several times and I can certainly see people investing the same potential amount in a rake of smaller wagons.
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    I inhabit the parallel world, wherein lie gryphons, dwarves, changelings and railway enthusiasts.
    Only a vague thought - some of us here wouldn't be very flush with cash, but there would be a few that are..... Maybe if a consortium of a few brave souls put up whatever cash was needed and shared the spoils....

    But, anyhow, some very informative stuff above. It is to the very great credit of all those responsible, that any RTR Irish models have ever appeared.

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    My fellow modellers,

    I have read this thread with interest, however, I believe we are all missing a very important point when it comes to our wish list. It is this. This survey is flawed as it fails to determine exactly which model the respondents wish to fund and, most importantly, in what quantity they will purchase these items. 110 votes is a meaningless figure. It tells you that 110 people are interested in "Crowd-funding" but, it does not tell you, which product, and in what quantity they will purchase.

    Furthermore, the cost of bringing any model railway product to market is horrendously expensive. I speak from experience. Some years ago, I researched the practicalities of bringing an "Irish Cattle Wagon" to market. The tooling costs alone were in excess of 10,000 and that was before you even produced a single wagon.

    Fellow modellers on this site shewed their interest in such a wagon but, and here is the big, BUT, the numbers did not stack-up. 2 wagons here and there, 10 now and again, 20, if you were very lucky. The arithmetic was not there to make the investment worth THE RISK. Yes, RISK. We talk about times being hard, money tight, come on, the individual or individuals who are financing, yes financing a project like this need to know they will get a return on their money, the money they invested in our interests and hobby. We need to support the businesses that have already invested in our hobby, on our behalf. We need to purchase the products that have produced, and are producing for us.

    My thanks to MR PADDY MURPHY, of MURPHY MODELS, has been expressed to him. I have also shown my gratitude by purchasing his products. Perhaps, it might have been a polite and productive thing to have asked Murphy Models if they would be prepared to discuss this matter, and disclose their plans and timescale for their future products. Were this not possible, then, and only then should we be exploring the possibility of the route that is being discussed on this particular subject.

    My personal belief, yes personal belief, is this. I believe we are being inconsiderate to Paddy Murphy by not having cleared the stocks of ALL existing products from the shelves of all of the retailers selling his products. If he then fails to produce products for us, then, and only then, can we, the consumer, have the right to say that we are not being served by him, and his company. It is at this time you look for alternative sources of supplier.

    Perhaps if all viewers of this forum were to participate in an analysis of:-

    Product -

    "A" Class - As delivered to CIE,
    "A" Class - As first repainted by CIE,
    "A" Class - As first re-engined
    "A" Class - Silver, Green with stripe, green no stripe, light green, Black, Black and Tan, Super-train livery, IR Livery, IE livery, and so on and so forth -

    Only by completing an analysis of this type, for each locomotive group, will you determine what is practical to produce and at what cost the end-user will have to pay.

    I'll wait for Paddy to tell me what he plans to produce. Then I'll buy it. Until this happens I'm not even prepared to say what I want from this proposal.

    Apologies for my rant,

    Old Blarney.

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    Do believe your right,who else has delivered,only paddy murphy well said old blarney
    I.have bought all his releases except weathered versions,and would support him before
    Others, track record speaks for it's self my rant over.

    Cheers john

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    I don't disagree with what's been said ,but I think it's nonsense to suggest we have done paddy Murphy a disservice by nor running out and buying everything he's made to date. In fact paddy I believe has little stock left. The dealers bought all he made.

    I think we need to shift Way from Rtr and look at good quality kits. This provides a solution to the issues of needing large numbers for Rtr

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    For the love of god, or whatever deity ye bow down to, will ye stop retiring Paddy Murphy before his time. I've heard so much crap in the last week as a result of this thread, you'd think he was bound for moo moo land.

    Second - have you lads any idea of the hundreds of thousands of euro he has tied up in craven coaches, 141's not to mind 201's. That money has to be released in order for him to live, and then feck about with other models. No businessman, no matter how much of a lunatic, is going to release a 121 until all the other crap has shifted. And no amount of crowdfunding aul ***** is going to help the man - if he was stuck for a few bob, he'd be the first person here looking for a dig out.

    Gonna take a long term break from this forum now.

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    I was not implying we have done a disservice to Paddy. I was stating a fact. There are a number of Murphy Models products held by retailers; Cravens, 071, 201, MKII etc.

    No retailer who wishes to stay in business, the magical, wishes to stay in business, will hold additional stock above a certain level, especially if their existing stock has not sold out. It's called CASH-FLOW. Money tied-up in stock that has not sold. Many a business has gone-to-the -wall by having too much stock on the shelf. Turnaround is required in business to stay in business.

    Emptying the shelf at the retailers will create a need.

    Old Blarney

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    Quote Originally Posted by Old Blarney View Post
    It tells you that 110 people are interested in "Crowd-funding" but, it does not tell you, which product, and in what quantity they will purchase.
    That was the sole purpose of the poll. A 'what if' experiment to take the temperature of the group, stir some debate (which it certainly has) and perhaps inspire some action.


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