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Thread: My first coach repaint to CIE livery

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    My first coach repaint to CIE livery

    Another old rolling stock item dug out from storage

    Please don't slag too much My first repaint to CIE colours - over four decades ago when I was about 12 or 13

    I was desperate to have some Irish trains to run so decided to repaint my LMS train set coaches

    Hand painted Triang LMS coach - I actually remember mixing multiple samples of humbrol paints and test patches to try and get a reasonable CIE tan colour. Can't believe I hand painted the white lining - My hands couldn't manage that anymore.

    It used to look like this LMS toy coach - a lot better (not my photo)

    The actual body shell seems a prototypical botch job, a sort of mk1 shell with makey up side panels pretending to be old world LMS. Don't think any such coach actually ever existed. What will I do with this now? Could convert it into an imaginary presidential coach. I vividly remember seeing President Childers sitting comfortably in an armchair on the then presidential coach about to depart Heuston station some time in the early 1970s, but that was a much earlier style coach and shorter.

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    The repaint looks like a fine job, especially the white lining, if done free hand with a brush!

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    Not bad, Noel. Agree with the white lining comment. It would be unfair to judge it to today's models. How easily we forget how far we've come over this period of time
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    Noel, well done, run it on your layout, it'll look just fine, & enjoy it,

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    Quote Originally Posted by burnthebox View Post
    Noel, well done, run it on your layout, it'll look just fine, & enjoy it,
    I agree, Run it!
    "Where Seventeen Railroads Meet the Sea"

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    Cheers lads, I just posted it for fun. I hand painted it with a brush when I was a kid over 4 decades ago I need to put a bit of lead weight in it, those old Triang coaches weighed nothing.

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    Noel, can I come up to your attic, seem's like there's a whole lot of stuff up there waiting to be re-discovered

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    nice job there - whats next?

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    Quote Originally Posted by heirflick View Post
    nice job there - whats next?
    Well I promise not to wait over 40 years before the next paint job! Was about 12yo when that botch was done.

    What's next for me is foam blocks and modelling plaster to get some landscaping done on 'Kingsbridge', then paint, scatter, and may attempt some static grass.
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    Nice job indeed!


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