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Thread: Ernies Massive Irish 1930's to 2005 Photo Archive

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    Awesome collection. Something for EVERYONE.

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    Woderfull photos there.I love the double headed J15s in Enniscorthy

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    Can anyone tell me which type of oil wagon is this as I'm a bit confused about either which one is which
    Have seen plenty of pics of them in this archive and it's given me plenty of idea's

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    Quote Originally Posted by BabyGM
    Can anyone tell me which type of oil wagon is this as I'm a bit confused about either which one is which
    Have seen plenty of pics of them in this archive and it's given me plenty of idea's
    26735 is a stores oil wagon,the 'D' on the tank stands for diesel oil,
    I remember the wagon being part of the ESSO oil train-also in the picture,
    The wagon was used in later years to transport diesel to the Bus Eireann depot in Ballina and was often part of the 20:45 Northwall-Ballina liner returning when empty on the 22:10 Ballina-Northwall liner,sometimes it was the only wagon behind an 071 loco from Ballina-Claremorris travelling at only 35mph,
    The wagon would also have been used along with others for the Alexandra rd-Inchicore fuel oil transfer which used to supply the large storage tanks at Inchicore works.

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    Excellent, it and an 071 would be lovely
    Thanks for the info

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    Just an up-date to my Flickr collection, I am still acquiring negatives and slides as and when I can.

    One small point since FLICKR have re-designed the site the Photostream header no longer displays the various individual Collections; you can find these by hovering the cursor over the 3 white dots on the right hand side of the screen and then clicking on Collections. Then click on the Irish one.

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    well done ernie and many thanks for the update - a fabulous collection that all the lads will enjoy!

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    I have uploaded a fair amount of Irish material to Flickr over the last couple of months. This is the collection link then click on an album Icon. Alternatively you can click on the Archive photostream and work your way back as I have added the views to the various Albums.

    Thanks to my good friend Dave Dunn of the Armstrong Railway Photographic Trust I have his permission to upload material from the ARPT Archive. The Trust mainly concerns itself with the GB railways but there is a fair amount of Archive Irish material in the collections as a fair number of the photographers visited Ireland. I have already added most of the Narrow Gauge views and am working through the 'standard' gauge material. Many of the captions have had to be amended as the information on the negatives was inaccurate or incomplete. I have added some to the 'Locations Unknown' Album as I have been unable to determine the location.

    Should any of the captions be wrong or you can identify any please put a note on the thread


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    Some Mk 2's got a black roof in this livery. Mk 3 as above, of course.
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    Amazing collection. I really enjoyed the Waterford collections especially the older shots. I love the shot of the cement bubble in Limerick with some of the body pieces missing.



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