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Thread: CIE Dmu's ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Colin R View Post
    Hi Guys does the book DIESEL DAWN have any plans in them?


    Small scale plans of most of the 1st generation of railcars and a lot of useful information and photos.

    If I was going there I would'nt be starting here.

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    Thanks, that good enough for me to go and get a copy.


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    Check the RPSI's sales section. I am nearly sure there was a copy of it among the second hand books on the May tour. It's an essential book for Irish railcars giving details of the huge array of types to be seen in the 1950s and 60s.

    The AEC cars have been approximately replicated by Silverfox, giving a relatively inexpensive representation, through a re-liveried British Rail Craven 2-car DMU.

    (Britain had DMUs, we had "railcars"!)

    However, as others have oft remarked, a proper CIE / UTA / NIR / GNR kit or (better still) RTR would be a superb thing to have.

    Somebody, somewhere does a kit - I've seen built up examples on this website. I imagine it's not for the faint-hearted to make, and once power units etc have been included probably not cheap. However, we get what we pay for and if within budget, quality is well worth paying for....
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    Tonto & I think Glenderg did respray of BR Class 105 DMU's which might be what your thinking of JHB, they have the usual conversion problems like- door and windows but they do make a respectable AEC rail cars!

    I have done some up-grades to the silverfox model- directional lights and DCC electric wired couplers throughout for Dartstation on here, and another converted to DCC 21mm with same above and coach lights for a chap not on here- a lot of work to do the directional lights n couplers....

    Just to note- one does not have to ditch the motor when changing to 21mm, just replace the axles in the motor to 28mm ones, I used 2mm steel rods (piano wire)cut to size....

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    Here are a few shots of the first one, some cutting of the chassis and the drivers desk is required to get the LEDs in, the wires and connectors to remove the body from the chassis was housed in the WC- obviously! thats where most keep their valuables! then down through the floor, through the buffer beam and up into the next car which has a slotted buffer beam, to make the connection again in the WC. The wires are then painted black and it looks grand.

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    Nice photos
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tarabuses View Post
    Nice photos
    Yes. Any outside view pics of the rail cars?

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    Sorry Noel

    It's unusual for me but I cant locate the photos of the finished units! Do remember taking photos all right, and they should be in the dir that the ones above are stored in but when I went to post them up, only the ones above were found!

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    Here is a link to Tonto's 105 conversion to AEC

    I'm told a Craven can be used in the middle, as it was done in the real thing! the same source also told me that this lead to the demise of some AEC power units as the Cravens were to heavy!

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    I think the 'kit' people have in mind might be the Worsley Works scratch aid kit? It's far from a complete set of parts...

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