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Thread: Video Website Updates

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    More shots from yesterday 20/07/13 of 071 no.071 departing Cork Kent

    071 no.073 departing for Cobh soon after 071

    More videos available on my channel

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    good stuff ...makes me wish i was there!

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    Here are two videos from the IRRS Cork trip:
    073 + craven set departs Carrigtwohill

    071 passes Carrigtwohill light engine

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    083 Worked Today's Timber Liner. Thought I may keep the thread alive

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    088 sounding well while working the laden timber at Cheryville Junction

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    2811+2812 ran the evening service from Limerick to Ennis on the 8/8/13.

    More videos available from today on my channel.

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    excelent vids lads! keep them comming!

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    A strange sight yesterday, Sunday 11/08/13 as 22000 class no.22042 departs for the 16:00 service to Sligo via Newcomen Junction.

    There was also an announcement rare to hear for the train on Platform 7 for Sligo

    More videos from yesterday available on my channel.

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    072 Worked the "DFDS" Con-Flat Liner today

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    nice one kilkenny!


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