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Thread: Irish railway memorabilia

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    Heirflick - i think I saw the Pope in me local the other night.... someone was buying me shots.... is there a connection? was a mirage brought on by your terrible thirst!!!

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    And who is this "Curran" whose poster is displayed by the "Irish Narrow Gate Trust"?

    What, in railway terminology, is a "narrow gate"? Something designed to prevent a train going somewhere?
    According to a piece on the National Museum's website "Probably Belfast based William Curran who won a Bord Fáilte anti-litter poster competition in 1967"

    As for a 'narrow gate', maybe a 'wicket gate'!

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    I inhabit the parallel world, wherein lie gryphons, dwarves, changelings and railway enthusiasts.
    Those posters LOOK genuine enough in terms of both artwork, artistic style and subject matter, but I have doubts about the print font used for "IRELAND".

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    Spotted this 'rarity' in a recent Munster Antiques sale - being sold as a Cork & Bandon sign.

    Name:  Cork & Bandon Railway.PNG
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    Was it being sold as the 'real deal' or as a replica...of sorts?

    Seriously though, who the hell is making this stuff?

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    Quote Originally Posted by minister_for_hardship View Post
    Was it being sold as the 'real deal' or as a replica...of sorts?

    Seriously though, who the hell is making this stuff?
    Lot 739: Railway sign start bid €20 - Cast iron railway sign "Cork and Bandon" Estimate: 40-60

    The auctioneers blurb (above) leaves it up to the buyer!

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    He probably knows full well it's only a tenner scrap value.

    The description should include 'replica' or 'reproduction'...but business is business (I know it is neither replica nor repro, just a work of fiction)

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    Could always try selling it nearer London - ...
    My best work has been spread over many fields..

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    Plate from an Oil Tanker, I think it made €200 recently

    Plate says "This wagon must be quite full or empty while travelling on the Irish Railways"

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    I know it's a long shot, but seeing a thread about railway memorabilia, I just thought I'd ask... Does anyone know where I might come on a Metropolitan Vickers builders plate, that was fitted to the outside of the A class locos, with the words: Metropolitan Vickers 1955: on it? I know they are still in existence, but I assume they don't come up for sale very often.


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