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Thread: Bachmann IE Autoballasters

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    Quote Originally Posted by Warbonnet View Post
    Yep, seems to be an issue in the curves with them not resetting properly. Brendan will give you a demonstration, I know it's been getting on his tits!
    and what a pair they are!! surprised at that happening on brendans layout-no sharp curves there, or could it be that he is running a rake of about 50 wagons?

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    Haha probably the latter, I think he's done some operations on them. We need to get him on here!

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    any video of that!!!???

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    Quote Originally Posted by BosKonay View Post
    any video of that!!!???
    40 Autoballasters enough? As you can see, they run good!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Warbonnet View Post
    40 Autoballasters enough? As you can see, they run good!

    theres that beautiful bridge that he distroyed!

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    ah the poor bridge - tho 40 of them looks nice

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    Looking at the pre production models over in marks models they look great.
    Good move producing them perfect for new 071s .

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    Saw the pre-production in Mark's Models also, they really are impressive. I'll certainly be getting some to go with my 071s.


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