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Thread: Irish Bufferstops

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    They look like ABS castings. bought a 7mm scale set at Reading Trade Show yesterday. They do a range of styles. S&D, also Springside do buffers too. As prototype pics show, there are many different types and for absolute fidelity, one needs to be careful or you could end up with [heaven forbid] GWR buffers on a Highland Railway layout...
    Me, I've used Peco in the past, because they are very good value and easy to put together. The ABS ones are in the paint shop at the moment, but will hopefully appear on the Arigna Town turntable siding next week.
    Dear lord, but only for the plastic chicken I would have thought that was the real thing...super.

    I'm impressed by that etched one, some very interesting techniques for getting that flanged, T-Bar effect. Nice.
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