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Thread: Fry Model Railway

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    I inhabit the parallel world, wherein lie gryphons, dwarves, changelings and railway enthusiasts.
    The whole thing looks ever more like a committee-designed dog's dinner..... what a mess.

    Incidentally, anyone know if Fry's daughter is still alive?
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    I received communication from Fingal Co Co regarding revisions to the proposed Casino/Fry Model development as follows;-

    ''Dear Sir /Madam,
    In accordance with Part XI of the Planning & Development Act 2000 - 2015 and Part 8 of the Local Government (Planning & Development) Regulations 2001-2015 and on behalf of our Client Department in Fingal County Council, Economic, Enterprise and Tourism Development, we are writing to acknowledge your submission at planning stage, and report on the outcome of the planning process .
    A Chief Executives Report in relation to the planning proposal was brought to the Howth/ Malahide Local Area Services B Committee Meeting on 7th December 2016. Agenda Item 7A. This report including associated drawings is available on the Council’s Website and we enclose a copy for your information.

    You will note that minor amendments were proposed to reflect concerns raised in the public observations received. The amendments will also provide more flexible spaces for an exhibition layout. The proposed amendments increase the internal floor area of the extension by 35 sqm. The overall appearance, scale and location of the buildings remains consistent with the original published documentation.
    The proposed amendments are described in outline as follows:
    The outbuilding will be physically connected to the new extension and all buildings on the site will now be under single roof- not separate buildings as before. This will allow greater scope for more working train layouts and more exhibition space in keeping with the general submissions received commenting on possible layout.

    The proposed café use for the Outbuilding was to be the subject to a detailed business plan, it is now proposed that the extension to provide a separate kitchen area will be omitted which limits the potential for a significant cáfe on the site – the outdoor amenity area associated with the original proposal will also be reduced in scale and relocated in the interest of residential amenity. Scope remains to provide a limited coffee shop within the outbuilding with access to reduced extent of outdoor amenity area subject to detailed business plan. Overall the proposed amendments change the proposal by increasing the floor area of the extension from 225 sqm to 260 sqm.
    These amendments were made to address the concerns raised about the scale of exhibition area proposed, and reducing possible impact on residential amenity at the Casino apartment development.

    Amended drawings describing the proposed changes are highlighted:
    15-189-p-101_r: Site Location Map (Existing)
    15-189-p-102_A: Site Layout Plan (Proposed)
    15-189-p-103_r: Existing Site Plan, Ground Floor & First Floor Plans & Elevations
    15-189-p-104_A: Proposed Ground Floor Plan & Elevation facing South East
    15-189-p-105_A: Proposed First Floor Plan & Elevation facing North West
    15-189-p-106_A: Elevations and Section
    15-189-p-107_r Proposed Landscaping Layout

    Following discussion at the Howth Malahide Services B meeting, the Local Area Committee members recommended that the report and amended proposal was adopted by the Full Council at its meeting on Monday 12th December 2016 (Agenda Item 23). The client department now intends to proceed with developing the proposal as amended.''

    A pdf file of the full reply is attached and includes drawings. Bottom line is they have increased the display area by 35sqm for a layout but it is still a narrow hall. They have confirmed that no workshop facility will be provided and all work n maintenance will be done after hours or at another location. And very important- the toilets are now indoors!!

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    you need to get this into the British model and heritage railway press and may be some one like Pete Waterman with all his contacts might be able to help.

    To be honest going to see this collection would have been one of the main reasons for coming to Ireland for a holiday.

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    Hi Colin R

    Would not be much use! the Co Co have ownership and are adamant that the project proceeds as outlined above. There was an opportunity for a serious say in the matter by the public but sadly only a small amount of people- can be counted on two hands, made submissions...

    The Fry Models will be shown here, if the project proceeds, so don't put off that visit, it just wont be as good as it could be!

    Eoin - Manufacturing the Model Dart


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