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  1. Maryville Junction

    Rightoh. This one?
  2. Maryville Junction

    Looking good... It's actually quite simple to post a video - when you know how - just click on the 'film strip' on the far right of the 'controls' when you're posting - between the 'picture frame' and the 'speech bubble' - paste the link for the video in the box that pops up and click OK. If you 'hover' the cursor over the film strip, you should find that it reveals itself as Insert Video.
  3. Why Irish?

    One of the features of Irish railways that can be very attractive for a personal layout is that many locations hardly altered over several decades. Merely by changing any road vehicles and, maybe, the odd footbridge etc, you can justifiably run steam trains or a 22000 on the same layout.

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