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  1. Layout Planning North Kerry Fenit the end of the line?

    http://irishrailwaymodeller.com/showthread.php/3378-Fenit-Pier?p=52934#post52934 Thanks for sharing John. Your plan depicts the track layout on the pier before rebuilding. Above is a link showing the layout as I remember it in the 60's and 70's.
  2. Layout Planning North Kerry in N?

    I notice Abbeydorney station is flipped on your plan. If the design was adapted to a double deck layout with a helix and turn back curve between Abbeyfeale and Listowel both Abbeydorney and Listowel could be viewed from the West with the station buildings and goods stores against the backdrop which would be visually more appealing and the main line run could be increased.
  3. Model Railway Planning Irish Style 5 Fenit & Tralee

    http://shipspotters.nl/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=115&start=90 Here is a photo of one of the steam cranes working at Fenit in 1969. I tried to post the photo earlier but it didn't take!
  4. Model Railway Planning Irish Style 5 Fenit & Tralee

    I remember cycling out to Fenit from Tralee to see that shipment of starch being unloaded. The cargo was packaged in paper sacks like cement and unloaded into open wagons by the three steam cranes. A H van was present loaded with tarps to cover the loads. I don't recall a Deutz present to shunt the pier on this occasion, but a CIE lorry with an improvised buffer beam, a sleeper tied to the front with a rope was used. I believe the weighbridge was used at Fenit to weigh the wagons. At the end of the day an A class arrived from Tralee, assembled a sizeable train of starch and the H van and returned. The other traffic I remember from Fenit pier was timber for Mc Cownes in Tralee. Mc Cownes had a large property south of Tralee station with a timber and coal yard , a foundry and feed mill all served by rail.
  5. Wonderful stuff John. I look forward to each new post.
  6. Model Railway Planning Irish style

    You mention that your available space is reasonable for OO but tight for 21mm. This leads me to ask about minimum radius for 21mm gauge based on your experience. This is something I have often wondered about.
  7. Home for the Railway 7 started at last!

    I am very much looking forward to following your progress.