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  1. Kingsbridge - workbench

    Alternatively I could have a go at RPSI Maroon GSV 3173 using a Bachmann BR Mk1 brake 1st corridor donor. It is quite a different layout to the more common ex-BR Mk1 GSVs CIE used (e.g. 3185).
  2. Video clip of RPSI Craven coach set (designed by MM). Not the 'Munster Double', but two 071s namely 073 and 085 in consist hauling the 3 coach set. Need to fix the wobbly axle on the 1st coach. The build and finish quality are as good as Murphy Models own Cravens.
  3. Keep safe tomorrow everybody during the storm. Flying and falling debris, falling trees, and road traffic blown into accidents are among the risks.
  4. Video clip of CIE C class hauling converted AEC 2600 suburban push-pull set with Craven coaches. Loco is a Silverfox models kit running on a modified Bachmann centre drive chassis (141 donor), DVT is an AEC 2600 RTR by Silverfox models, and the coaches are MM RTR Cravens.
  5. I'm considering options for a model of CIE B113 class (B&T or green livery) over the winter. Having researched the forum it appears there were two model incarnations, a beautiful scratch built series of 12 by a modeller called Gareth about five years ago, or the Shapeways body, both running on Bachmann class 20 centre drive chassis. Obviously none of the scratch built ones for sale, so it looks like either a scratch build or bodge the shapeways: Are there any other alternatives I've missed? Does anybody have a link to plans of a B113? Has anybody had any example of success improving the shapeways body which seems a) incorrect at the cab end, b) lacks roof detail, and c) rough finish to say the least? (richie's belt of a shovel comes to mind) Thanks in advance.
  6. https://www.rte.ie/news/2017/0927/907774-galway-motorway I hope this is not one of those 'death by a thousand cuts' on the Ennis to Athenry rail link. I hope when our planners are considering the viability of rail links today, that they also plan 30 years down the line when our population could be 10 million and some of these now small commuter towns could grow to become large conurbations needing good public rail services.
  7. Tips for making videos

    Some Video Tips Below are a synopsis of some tips I got years ago from a friend who was a professional camera man. I'm not a professional but I found his advise useful. Light the scene properly - avoid back lighting and strong overhead light that casts dark shadows, natural daylight through windows is best combined with indoor lighting that has a horizontal angle component. Set white balance on camera to suit candescent lighting, fluorescent lights, or sunshine if scene lit exclusively from windows on sunny day. Smartphones try and figure this out themselves. Plan scenes - avoid birds eye view of model railway stock, best is side on or slightly elevated view Avoid camera movement - use tripod or hold smartphone against solid object to avoid camera shake, or hold by hand as steady as possible. Generally never zoom or pan a camera - allow the action to move through the scene. If panning rotate camera very slowly and never back and forth On rare occasions when zooming do so very slowly and only once per shot If doing a tracking shot only the slightest horizontal tracking movement is needed to create the effect, avoid 'running' around a layout after a train. Use separate clips edited together. Sound - avoid unwanted background noises (e.g. background talking, barking dog, etc) Videoing moving model railway stock may work better if camera’s image stabilisation is turned off (avoids judder) Take multiple clips and then quilt together as a short movie using one of the many free video editing suites that comes with Windows, Mac or Smartphones. Use gentle transitions between clips (i.e. scene changes). Avoid sharp flick, most video editors even on smart phones allow various fades and scene blends. Be ruthless when editing to cut unnecessary material and avoid repeat shots. Sound - consider editing sound levels of recorded video if too loud Sound - consider adding a backing music track that is not too loud, nor incompatible with the scenes depicted (e.g: meat loaf and sedately moving steam train are not really compatible). Soothing music that enhances rather than distracts from the viewing experience Credits at start and end to summarise movie content is useful and allows a few seconds before movie starts If relevant add the odd short caption during the movie for example to explain a scene location, etc, but avoid over doing it and keep text to a few short word. When editing, cut, cut, cut - less is more if clips well edited together.
  8. Looking for a body damaged or body soiled 141/181 for sale at a reasonable price? It as a donor chassis I'm after, don't care what condition the body is in once the chassis is running properly and the bogies are undamaged. Its a long shot but worth a try.
  9. As somebody who uses the Apple eco-system, felt a little underwhelmed by the much heralded launch of the 10th anniversary phone. Pay more get less? Functionally and ergonomically the X model almost seems a step backwards in terms of user ergonomics with no space to hold the phone due to the almost all-screen display which doesn't even go to the edges of the body anyway, and the loss of the tactile feel of the home button, not to mention the less secure facial recognition replacing the finger print. When will designers learn that touch screen alone eliminating all tactile controls doesn't necessarily make a device easier to control. iPhone 8 being waterproof seems a better incremental upgrade despite the continuing lack of 3.5mm jack socket. Ah well time will tell. I suspect had Jobs still been around we'd have been looking at something different yesterday.
  10. Kingsbridge - workbench

    Recent posts on plough vans got me thinking. As many may already know, I'm a fan of the 60/70s era and dislike all things yellow. Now I really like my rake of IRM ballasts, even if I pretend they are gypsum wagons hauling mineral freight rather than doing PW work. Hence I have no desire to have a pair of yellow plough vans . . . but there were older plough vans in much more acceptable brown or bauxite livery like the GSWR plough below, and they looked prettier. So I have decided to convert a pair of my GWR 'toad' brake vans to ex-GSWR ploughs and match them up with my rake of IRM ballasts even if not strictly prototypical, at least there won't be any yellow. They will need some modifications, add small windows, remove the full length steps, replace with steps under door, add vertical stanchion at door to roof, a plough, and respray in GSWR brown/bauxite. They will be a bit long but should pass the duck test. The alternative is to just respray a pair of BR shark vans brown, but I do like the look of GWR toads resemblance to the GSWR van. Two in bauxite would do the trick and then one day I could pretend they are hauling ballasts and another day gypsum. Will update this thread as they progress along with a few other kits and bodge jobs in the pipeline like a GSV and a luggage van.
  11. Just for fun - A really simple poll to find folks favourite passenger train livery that ran in ROI. Hope I haven't omitted any of the mainstream liveries used on main line rail and commuter rail services since the 1950s: Poll Here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/RSMK7NL
  12. Short video clip of model CIE mixed goods train formation about 1972 Video Clip edited to add some "time machine" effects
  13. https://www.irishtimes.com/news/environment/iarnród-éireann-claims-rise-in-accidents-linked-to-smartphones-1.3188877
  14. Don't worry its not politics. Since 2012 the layouts stock has changed - out with BR and in with CIE. Just found these two photos while tidying up photo library post migration away from PhotoRustBucketRansomWare Out - British Outline - LNER + GWR + LMS In - Irish Railways - Córas Iompair Éireann

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