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  1. 850 Nearly there!

    Just looking at other posts here - some CIE locos (approx 25 according to the late Bob Clements) did get all-over black in late 50s, but 850 didn't. The grey livery, incidentally, was also all over, including inside frames, connecting rods, smokebox and chimney; not black smokebox as almost universal with other liveries.
  2. Bantry Town Station c 1950's

    The carriages will be interesting. One or two green laminates or Park Royals as railcar intermediates, but also perhaps a couple of 45' bogies of indeterminate origin! The brake would be either a brand new tin van or an elderly ex-MGWR six wheeled passenger brake or brake 3rd....
  3. An interesting weekend

    I've often marvelled at the scenic details on many American layouts. Those are absolutely fantastic. Of course, in the Rockies and other places, they're not exactly short of inspiration!
  4. Arigna Town developments

    So, a Pratt with a bottom, and badgers, well... Wow! The mind boggles.... :-)
  5. 850 Nearly there!

    I should add, the buffer beam numerals really look well too.
  6. 850 Nearly there!

    Absolute gem, stunning! I showed the pics to Senior, who knew it well. He says it was grey initially and would have spent most of its life like this. I think CIE did indeed paint it green latterly, but it doesn't appear to have been doing much by then. If I may be permitted one slight detail comment, the number plates should be either all grey, or grey with yellow cream raised edges and numerals. But overall, what a stunner! How to follow that one.... Maybe an 820, the 4.6.2T based on the 800s, which never saw the light of day!
  7. 850 Nearly there!

    Absolutely stunning!
  8. SLNCR Railbus

    Look at that top photo. Garfield, here's a sixpence, nip over to the Railway Bar and get me a couple of bottles of stout.....
  9. Field Trip

    The clifden track is indeed not real. The alignment of it, in fact, would not be possible on an operating railway.
  10. 4mm SLNCR.

    Wow! Original subject matter and looks great, well done! Can't wait to see more.
  11. until
    O & K Locomotive No. 1 takes 2013's first steam trains out at Downpatrick, with either 146 or A39 on shunting duty. Trains leave Downpatrick at 1400 1445 1530 1615 and 1700, leaving Inch Abbey at 1420 1505 1550 1635 and 1720.
  12. DCDR - New Year's Steam

    Downpatrick's newly restored O & K Loco No. 1; new to preservation! Trains at 1400 1445 1530 1615 and 1700 ex-Downpatrick; departure times 20 mins later from Inch Abbey.
  13. Sligo Leitrim & Northern Counties Railway

    I didn't know there was a 7mm kit of a MGWR J26 - or did you build it? Either way it looks very good. Should you manage a visit to Downpatrick, you will be made welcome re checking over the SLNCR articulated railcar which is there.

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