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  1. New Look

    Sound Stephen, it's great to see the group moving forward and it benefits us all. Rich,
  2. New Look

    I like it Stephen, and much thanks and appreciation to the team for all the hard work going on behind the scene.. I hope everyone will also take the time to thank Stephen, Pat, and Fran because they do a lot to make this group what it is today. Rich,
  3. Home for the Railway Part 6

    I haven't looked in for a while John and I am delighted to see your progress. Great modelling and a great inspiration. Rich,
  4. The diesel shop - getting out the turd polish!

    That's the guts of the hobby Fran and some of the harder work, well done. Rich,
  5. Dun Laoghaire Show

    Excellent commentary on the show Fran it sounds like everyone had a good time and that the show was well attended. It's always nice to put faces to names also when you meet fellow members. Rich,
  6. Yankee Doodles and stiff upper lips - My US and British blog

    Only just copped this now Fran. Great work mate as Stephen has said, I look forward to seeing more. Rich,
  7. Working in 21mm Rolling Stock Conversions.

    Lovely work John, I will be following your blog with interest as I want to take in as much information as I can as I progress on my own journey into 21mm. I wouldn't say that the Hornby coach looks cheap and nasty. It's more of a sows ear turned into a silk purse. Rich,
  8. Simple 21mm stock conversions

    That's great work John. I shall be picking your brains as I progrees with my own work, well done=D. Rich,

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