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  1. Other exhibition stuff and Chatham Cranes

    My great idea about one day creating a small shelf diorama for exhibiting have just evapourated. Hard to lug that amount of kit around, plus I've no curtains to spare....!
  2. Getting ahead of myself

    Too true David! I'm doing some drawings of the Dutch Genny Van, and I'm worn out, heart really isn't in it, so I'll go put a Dapol 20' ft Chassis together, and have a little Arthurs to round off an otherwise productive weekend. Thanks for the post, just what I needed! Richie.
  3. Cork Model Fair

    The Fair is confirmed in the Imperial Hotel on the 3rd of November 2013. Open from 1100 till 1800hrs. Tables are only E10.00 so if you have anything to sell then get in quick as these are limited (you can team up also if you have a friend). If you have anything you would like to exhibit let me know asap so we can fit you in. Please share with your friends, we would appreciate that. https://www.facebook.com/CorkModelFair?ref=stream
  4. Progress! Nearly off the work bench.

    Mike, did you say the front buffer plate and curved supports were made of styrene? Wonderful stuff indeed. Great to see more high quality kettles on IRM.
  5. Limerick Junction 2002 - Part II

    ..The sun continues to shine...
  6. Limerick Junction 2002

    Another glorious day at the junction...

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