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  1. Belfast Model Shop

    As this is not a blog and may not be visable to people who can help with your query I have moved the topic to this address http://irishrailwaymodeller.com/showthread.php/3912-Belfast-Model-Shop-DCC-Sound-Issue?p=60758#post60758 Comments on here will be closed and replies will be on the link posted above. Thank you.
  2. Allypally and thoughts of scale and gauge

    Ally Pally used to be my local show (literally, could walk to it from Muswell Hill), good to hear it's still going strong and is enjoyable as ever. Must go back one year for old times sake. A much better venue than Warley in my opinion!
  3. Tyrconnel Models E class 0-6-0T

    That's a lovely little loco David, nice work. How long did these tank engines last in service?
  4. Very nice John, what time period is your American N gauge and who makes the AEC railcar?
  5. Whats on the work bench

    yep, more pictures and updates would be great!
  6. Whats on the work bench

    Nice one Mike, any background info on the models?
  7. More work on the basket case

    Further work has been done on the GP40X from a previous blog Mainly detail wise. Next up was adding wipers to the cab. Athearn RTR locos (and some Genesis locos too) don't with wipers. I added some very fine Cannon ones here, which are put beside a hair so you can see how fine they are! Comparison with an Atlas loco. It's wipers seem very chunky in comparison. Maybe these Cannon ones could be nice fine replacements for 141s and 071s? [attachment=:name] That's all for now, more detail and repowering to come!
  8. After a prolonged period without a computer I cracked on with a couple of projects to keep me amused. One was the building of some Accurail covered hoppers. I bought a pack of three CNW hoppers in differing colours a few weeks back and nailed a couple together. What you get Added detail So some Kadee replacement trucks were acquired and fitted, weights that had sheered loose glued back in, end detail bent out and roof walkway fixed. I had to remove some of the ladder detail but it doesn't look too bad.I may look into getting a replacement part or get out the plastic strip at a later date. Some weathering will help give it an in service battered look too. [attachment=:name]
  9. Kiss of life time - Detailing a Athearn GP40X

    After previewing the two locomotives I'm working on in my last blog, I thought it would be a good idea to take you on the journey on one of the rebuilds from start to finish. I have been into trains for a long time, but it's only recently I have looked at detailing and rebuilds. It's also coincided in me developing an interest in American railroads, and thankfully it's a match made in heaven. I've sung enough about the detail and quality of American models in the past, but another area in which they excell is the after-market detail parts business. Companies like Details West, Detail Associates, BLMA and Cannon and Co. (to name but a few) offer great products to improve older and less detailed locos, as well as making the newest stuff even better. Another advantage is the brilliant spares department offered by the likes of Athearn and Kato, making getting parts for locos so easy. As I stated in my previous entry (giggidy) I bought three relatively modern but badly treated locos from Dave who took them as part ex at a show. He stuck up pics on the 1st yuku site (seems so long ago now) and how we all laughed at them. However, I fancied my chances as doing them up, or at least acquiring them for spares. They were nice and cheap and I decided that once the horrific paint came off them there was plenty of potential. On top of that if I made a mess of them in my novice ways I wont be down too much money, far cheaper than trying similar detailing on a brand new model! The third loco I ended up with was an Athearn RTR GP40X high-hood. Out of the three I bought this was in the worst condition. It was orignally an 'undecorated' loco, which is basically a kit form which comes with lots of additional parts for you to fit. All additional parts were missing, the paint was dreadful, it was missing a bogie sideframe and the additional bogie parts, and it was a bit of a lumpy runner. I then got to work researching parts and listing out what I need before ordering from online retailers and Athearn's parts department. One nice and easy job was to install the grab irons front and rear as none were ever attached. I got a big back from BLMA and got to work. [attachment=:name] Also added were brass horns, MU hoses and couplier cut bars (which I'm not sure about being correct, despite someone telling me they were the right ones to use. I may well replace them.) Next to go on will be the ploughs and other small detail parts.
  10. The diesel shop - getting out the turd polish!

    You saw me coming Dave, for info the two locos I'm working on are the second and fourth pics. I especially love the irony on the box under the last pic - "As close to real as it gets." Indeed!
  11. The diesel shop - getting out the turd polish!

    'You can never polish a poo', was the sage advice given to me one night by a mate as we discussed the important topic 'Does make-up on women really make much of a difference?' Anyway, I shoud've listened as now I have got myself caught up with some Athearn basket cases. These came from a consignment of horrors liberated Bracken's castle in Raheny. Some clown decided to paint up some US locos in CIE colours with a yard brush and some white tape. A right state they were. I have already given a Kato SD40-2 the kiss of life and brought it back as a Conrail unit as you will have seen on the old site. However, these other two needed a bit more work. The GP40X was a real dog; it was an undercorated kit which basically had none of its additional parts added. Has had a good bit of detailing done to it. I'm currently working the chassis where I have ripped out the old Athearn motor and replaced it with a much smoother and quieter Kato unit. I have taken plenty of pics along the way so I might do a blow-by-blow account on what I did to try to improve it. Although American stuff is not of interest to most on here it might give you ideas and tips to try out. You could give me pointers too as it's all about learning! On top of that, these EMD locos have a lot of similar detail features to our own locos, so you may want to have a closer look at some of that. Before Still a long way to go, updates as soon as I have them. I also have about 7 or 8 locos ready to hit the bench too to be dismemebered and rebuilt, so those long winter nights should be filled pretty easy!
  12. Building an Atlas Trainman 40ft boxcar

    Cheers, need to invest in some more to keep me busy during those long winter evenings. Mind you I have about 30 unmade Roundhouse ones to get through too as well as half dozen loco rebuilds.
  13. Building an Atlas Trainman 40ft boxcar

    Another day, another pretty straightforward American boxcar kit! I was keen to give the new range of Atlas Trainman kits a go to see what the quality is like. Atlas make some of the nicest stuff on the market, American or otherwise and I certainly wouldn't hesitate in buying any of their products. The 'Trainman' line is their budget range, a bit like Hornby Railroad, only erm, better! Locos get proper all wheel drive, rolling stock is as free running as anything this side of an 1980s Lima Mark 1 coach. The only real difference is that compared to their premium range the additional detail is a bit limited. The kits are a very recent development, with Atlas taking over the Branchline range and re-releasing them under their own banner. I was keen to pick one up and see what they were like, so plumped for a late 1930s Santa Fe 40ft AAR Boxcar from model junction. Nice and cheap at £8.99. Here's what you get. I started off by attaching the nicely detailed underframe to the floor of the car. Must say the detail was very nice, but took a bit of fettling to get it to all fit right. Unlike the Accurail kit (and nearly all the others I've nailed together over the past couple of years) the Trainman kit comes with metal wheels, and they are lovely free runners too. Happy days! I attached the bogies (or trucks as they're known in Yankee Doodle land) to the car as it began to take shape Then the ends went on, to stop you getting them the wrong way around, one end has four lugs, the other has five. Fitted lovely, then glued into place to make sure they stay there. After that the doors were put in place, there was a mechanism that allows you to have opening sliding doors if you wish
  14. Dun Laoghaire Show

    I vaguely remember attending the show in the 1980s as a child John and loving it. Seems so long ago now. Who ran that show? The current one is on the ground floor. It is a very nice venue, but tends to get very warm due to the glass ceiling!
  15. Dun Laoghaire Show

    Thanks Rich, sadly the few pics I took of the layouts were blurred! Thankfully Richie got a good selection and posted them on the show thread.

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