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  1. An interesting weekend

    I had a very interesting weekend well Saturday anyway touring layouts at an informal American Railroaders convention in Auckland. We visited four layouts including our hosts N gauge. The Holidayers Nov Dec 2002 127.jpg This layout has been in existence for about 20 years located in a garden shed. The Holidayers Nov Dec 2002 130.jpg

    Second: A double and treble deck GNR layout in a converted double garage. IMG_4477 (2).jpg In the early stages of development set at the eastern end of ...
  2. Layout Planning North Kerry Fenit the end of the line?

    After an almost classic tailchaser with Patrickswell I looked at Fenit as a sleepy branch line terminus. I initially looked at including Spa with its beet siding and treating the Harbour Commissioners line as part of the hidden staging, but eventually decided to omit Spa and include a representation of the pier and its railway.

    Fenit Pier.jpg

    The layout is a lot more challenging in terms of trackwork and operation compared to Patrickswell, with little ...
  3. Layout Planning North Kerry in 21mm Patrickswell

    The main purpose of the planning exercise was to see if it was feasible to fit an American style walk around design layout inside an 11'x17'6" garage. The idea definitely seems feasible in N and just about possible in OO though probably better off in American N or HOn3 given the amount of rolling stock building required for an Irish layout of this nature.

    In 21mm gauge it seems to be basically own to a simple through station on a continuous run or a U or L shaped terminus to ...
  4. Layout Planning North Kerry in OO

    I drew this one up mainly to see if it was possible to fit OO gauge E shaped block plan into a single car garage, rather than a more traditional around the walls effort. It just about fits in with a reasonable aisle width by reducing the minimum radius on the turn back section on the peninsula section to 2' radius.

    The scheme is just about workable in OO though would look a lot better visually in a wider room or in N or perhaps American or Continental narrow gauge in ...

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  5. Layout Planning North Kerry in N?

    Although I have tried to be faithful to modelling Irish railways mainly GSR & CIE in 4mm scale, I had various flings with British, American and even freelance modelling in scale and had a long and sometimes stormy relationship with N American gauge.
    I first tried N in the late 70s frustrated at trying to fit a OO gauge layout into a box room and even more so with my efforts to kitbash and scratchbuild Irish stock. A nice scenic N gauge layout with repainted or slightly modified rtr stock ...
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